Katie joined  www.mymoneychain.com to earn money, she has many followers on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube, but has not been earning money from her channels. Now she can earn money from her friends and followers, and they are making money too! Everybody wins.

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Turn your  social media followers and subscribers into big money for both you and for them. 

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No selling no pressure virtually no risk!! Cancel anytime.


No selling     No Money Collection     Nothing to Buy     No Cold Calling 

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Referral Pays

Every subscriber you sign up will receive 40% plus a bonus 25% commission, every month your referral pays, it’s as simple as that. Plus you get paid 5% on every referral made by your customer. The power of the chain! Remember you only need to recruit 3 subscribers to make a profit, but you want more that that!

Simply Subscribe

Subscribe to mymoneychain, for 5 euro or dollars per month and you will have a dealer code for to recruit new subscribers from your base. We will supply email templates to help you recruit more to your chain. The longer your chain the more you earn.

Introduce The Idea

All you need do is introduce the idea to your base and the rest is organic. Once your referrals have signed up the money is paid automatically on the 25th of the month following, directly to your Paypal Account. Its up to you to encourage your subscribers to recruit to their base, so you can earn even more money!


My Money Chain is a simple and easy way for you to monetise subscribers and followers, and the best part is they can make money too! And if they can close more subscribers, you earn from their sales too!

Its a fun and inexpensive way for your subscribers to support you, and in turn make some money for themselves.

No longer will you be reliant on the whims of social media platforms or youtube!

Every subscriber you sign up on your reference code you will receive a massive 40% plus a bonus 25% commission each and every month your referral pays, its as simple as that, as long as you sign up before 30 March 2020

You will also receive 5% on the sales from your subscribers customers!! This means the longer your chain the more money you make!

Simply subscribe to our online business opportunity magazine, for 5 euro per month and we will give you a code to enable you to recruit subscribers from your base.

All you do is introduce the idea to your base and the rest is organic. Once your referrals have signed up the money is paid automatically on the 25th of the month following, directly to your Paypal Account.

The great thing about mymoneychain, is that you get paid on any sales your subscriber makes too!

No selling no pressure virtually no risk!!  Cancel anytime.

Your subscribers will also have the opportunity to make money in the same way, its a chain, not multilevel not a pyramid.

Our Requirements

You must be over 18

Must have a Paypal account

Must Have a Valid email address

Must Have a Youtube Account

Must Have a Facebook Account

Must Have an Instagram Account

Must Have a Twitter Account


An effective FAQ resource can educate, inform and guide the user in a natural way through your website’s content and toward the goals and end results you have set.

What is mymoneychain.com?

Mymoneychain.com is a vehicle to circulate commissions to many people and provide a service of a business opportunity website with valuable information for earning money online.

How much is the monthly subscription?

5 euro or 5 dollars, you can choose. Whatever currency you choose, this is the currency in which you will be paid at the prevailing conversion rate on the day of payment

How do I make payment?

The subscription of 5 euro or dollars per month must be by Paypal recurring payment system. This can be cancelled at any time in your paypal account. It will be activated when you register and subscribe.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel anytime by visiting your paypal account and stopping the recurring payment.

How do I get paid?

For every subscriber under your referral code you will be paid 60% by the 25th of the month following directly into your Paypal account. You will also earn a commission of 5% on all sales made by subscribers signed up under your referral code

Is there any other commitment involved?

None whatsoever. Mymoneychain simply depends on all of your customers paying so you can be paid. If they do not pay you do not get paid.

How will I know who in my chain is paying?

Once every 3 months we will send you a detailed account of all your active subscribers, so you can check which ones are paying and the ones that are not.

Can I have more than one chain?

Yes but must be under a different email account, and obviously a further 5 euro or dollars per month subscription

Can anyone join?

Yes absolutely anyone can subscribe and participate as long as they are over 18.

Can I subscribe in dollars or euros?

You can subscribe in both currencies, if you subscribe in euros, you will be paid in euros, if you subscribe in dollars, you will be paid in dollars.

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