Top 25 Bitcoin Business Ideas from the Pros

By BenilynFormoso – Suralta on August 22, 2018 | Starting a Business

The evolution of the cryptocurrency industry has gained momentum recently, providing people with different ways to earn income. There are many business opportunities that support the cryptocurrency industry. To help you get started, we spoke with the experts who shared their bitcoin business ideas and how to incorporate bitcoins and/or other cryptocurrencies into your business.

Below are the top 25 bitcoin business ideas from the pros:

Bitcoin business ideas from the pros:

1. Build Decentralized Apps

It would be unwise to base a business on Bitcoin Core (BTC) because the system is prone to unstable and high fees, and its developers do not have a clearly articulated and justified roadmap for its future evolution. This means that they can, and have, drastically altered the technical roadmap to render certain business models inoperable. Instead, the sensible thing to do is to build Dapps, decentralized apps, on a smart contract platform such as Ethereum or Tezos. Peer-to-peer insurance is an area that is ready to be disrupted.

Bitcoin business ideas from the pros:

Emin Gun Sirer, Professor & Founder,

Roberto Garvin, Co-Founder, Mofluid

2. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping has gained good momentum recently, where businesses don’t have to pile up on inventory. The products are delivered directly by producers to end customers. Bitcoin has made it attractive for both Dropshippers and customers. Dropshippers can now tap customers who wish to buy using bitcoin, which means an addition to existing customer base. Though they don’t directly trade in bitcoin with customers—they take help from third-party bitpay service providers to accomplish transactions the easy way.

Bitcoin business ideas from the pros:

3. Build a Cybersecurity System for Bitcoin Transactions

Since cryptocurrencies are digital assets and more difficult to trace than the typical payment systems, they are an excellent bait for hackers around the world, who have undoubtedly found various methods to steal a few cryptocurrencies without having to leave home. Companies that offer cybersecurity tools around bitcoin transactions will dominate the future of the industry. A secure system needs other systems that guarantee that security, so it should exist in a company that studies those hacks and makes a value proposal against them.

Bitcoin business ideas from the pros:

Sophie Miles, VP of Marketing & Co-Founder,

Cory Sarrett, Consultant, Pelicoin

4. Start a Cryptocurrency ATM Network

There is potential for cryptocurrency ATMs (and others like it) to be far more commonplace. The benefits of a cryptocurrency ATM are for the most part the same as a regular ATM—it’s convenient, relatively quick, and familiar. It’s also the easiest way to introduce somebody to crypto. As cryptocurrency expands, we expect to see more demand for cryptocurrency ATMs like ours. By getting cryptocurrency into the hands of more people, it’s possible for users to start shopping more regularly hile using it in daily transactions.