The Internet of Things

You will probably have read about the internet of things.

Basically it means your life and stuff all connected wirelessly and seamlessly.


Control your home, your fridge for example you could have your fridge connected to your mobile so you know what to get from the supermarket.

Control your heating and aircon from your phone, a quite common practice now.


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Five opportunities for marketers using the internet of things

By Ben Davis  October 6th 2015

Econsultancy has just published a helpful guide to the internet of things for marketers.


The connection of physical things to the internet, to each other and their surroundings throws up interesting possibilities.

Here are five opportunities for marketers.


1. Loyalty


The ability to hold consumers within a brand ecosystem, enhancing their interaction with a product or company may do wonders for loyalty.

As consumers build up historic data, they will be less likely to want to end an interaction with a brand and lose all their information.

Walgreens has used wearables in its loyalty scheme, allowing customers to link activity trackers to their account and gain 20 points for every mile they walk, run or cycle.

Although this is ostensibly to promote Walgreens’ health credentials, it’s easy to see how this kind of interaction could build loyalty.


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